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How would you like to start every work day feeling calm, focused and energised?

My offer to you:

I give classes on conscious movement, meditation and breath work.

Classes can be done at your desk, wearing your normal clothes.

Online, access from anywhere in the world.

What is micro pausing?

Pauses should be designed to give the nervous system a break. When the nervous system relaxes, magical things start to happen.

Micro pausing is the perfect way to combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting.


Movementality is more than to just get up and do a bit of exercise. It’s a reprogramming of the body and the mind. It’s a breaking up of old patterns; patterns of thought and patterns of movement, that may not serve us in the best way. It’s a way to discover a new self.

For questions and enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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"A flexible spine gives a flexible mind"

-Josefine Fischer, Phd, movement enthusiast and meditation facilitator

Healthy movement

All the great effects on the brain set aside, movement is for keeping the body healthy and functional, ready to carry you through life in every way you can dream of!

For office workers movements need to target the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back. It can also provide aid for RSI (computer mouse syndrome).

Healthy movement of the spine and the back help increase blood flow to the brain, and blood and lymphatic flow through the entire body.


Somatic sensing

Somatic sensing teach you to become aware of how you feel. Not just physical sensations but emotional and psychological as well. By practicing somatic sensing we can reach deeper layers of our unconsciousness and become more tuned in on the state that our body and mind is at in the very moment. When we become more aware of how we feel we become better descision makers, more intuned with our intuition and generally better to handle the every day challenges that come before us in life.

When we move conciously and with awareness every movement can become a healing practice for the body.

Breath work

The breath is what connects us to the world around us. Literally, by the exchange of gases between your lungs and the atmosphere, and figuratively by helping us connect to what’s here and now. Focusing on the breath is a well-proven and powerful meditation technique. Breath work is also great for increased circulation and oxygenation, and for training the diaphragm. In the yogic tradition breath work is called pranayama: movement of life energy. Different pranayama can have an energising as well as a calming effect on the mind and the body.


There is nothing better – nothing better – then to reach a state of an empty mind. The sense of total bliss, that everything is perfect just the way it is.

However, there are many benefits of meditation also on the journey towards an empty mind. Concentration, creativity, inspiration, problem solving, increased self awareness and ability to handle the challenges that life puts before us all result from practicing meditation regularly.

Meditation is the most original yogic practice and the key to eternal happiness.


Mantras, in the yogic tradition, are sacred words repeated over and over again. The vibrations created by chanting the mantra are thought to balance the chakras and align the system with the vibrations of the universe. Modern mantras on the other hand can help altering and improving what we hold for true regarding various parts of yourself. They can increase creativity and form new thinking patterns in regard to a specific problem.

Brain wave activation

Brain waves are produced by synchronised electrical pulses from large numbers of neurons communicating with each other in the brain. They also provide a key for understanding how it is that sometimes we feel alert and creative while sometimes we feel low and uninspired.

Delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves all correspond to different states of mind and different functions of the brain. By stimulating delta, theta and alpha waves we can get access to the deeper wisdom and knowledge of which the higher frequency waves doesn’t access. Conscious movement, meditation and breath work are all ways to move into lower frequency bran waves.

What is somatic movement?

Its a practice that brings you closer to yourself. Somtics is the pratice of being fully aware as we move. Your attention will be directed to your physical and emotional sensations so that you can get to know yourself better. With practice you will become tuned in to your emotional and physical state so that you can move through life and make descitions basedon your intuition. Knowing how we emotionally and physically respond to a situation help us move through life effortlessly and with ease.

How it works:

My classes are live and direct to you and your employees. We schedule a time, usually once or twice a week. Participants can join from whereever they are in the world!

The space you need is the space your working with in front of your desk. Noyoga mat, and no chaning of clothes is required.

Your investment:

Invest 30 or 60 minutes and get hours back in the form of stress relief and increased focus and inspiration!


Up to ten participants:

30 mintues is 150 euro

60 minutes is 250 euro

For more than ten participants, please contact me for an offer!